Can Reiki help comfort you after the loss of a loved-one?

Last Friday my Dad was rushed to the Hospital Emergency Ward in B.C.  Sunday I received a call from my sister that my Dad was not doing well.   I live in Ontario so I immediately started to send him Distance Reiki. I began at 10:05 pm and at 10:10 pm I could feel him slipping away, I saw a bright light and there were angels surrounding his frail little body. I finished sending Reiki at 10:30 pm (7:30 pm Vancouver time) and I knew he had passed. As difficult as it was I knew in my heart that he was transcending to a wonderful place and he passed away in peace

My Mother called at 7:40 (10:40 Toronto time) to let me know that my Dad had passed away at 7:29 pm Vancouver time, (10:29 pm Toronto time).

I was not able to be there physically for my Dad but because of Reiki I was there for him spiritually.  This was very comforting for the both of us.  It is a blessing to understand death as part of life, and in fact because of that, I know my Dad is just in a different state of being.

I am so very thankful for the gift of Reiki in my life.  It is very difficult to lose a loved-one; Reiki will bring comfort to those who are grieving.


This story was given to my Daughter from her co-workers:

Author Unknown

 Once, in a little pond, in the muddy water under the lily pads, there lived a little water beetle in a community of water beetles. They lived a simple and comfortable life in the pond with few disturbances and interruptions. Once in a while, sadness would come to the community when one of their fellow beetles would climb the stem of a lily pad and would never be seen again. They knew when this happened; their friend was dead, gone forever.

Then, one day, one little water beetle felt an irresistible urge to climb up that stem. However, he was determined that he would not leave forever. He would come back and tell his friends what he had found at the top. When he reached the top and climbed out of the water onto the surface of the lily pad, he was so tired, and the sun felt so warm, that he decided he must take a nap. As he slept, his body changed and when he woke up, he had turned into a beautiful blue-tailed dragonfly with broad wings and a slender body designed for flying.

So, fly he did! And, as he soared he saw the beauty of a whole new world and a far superior way of life to what he had never known existed. Then he remembered his beetle friends and how they were thinking by now he was dead. He wanted to go back to tell them, and explain to them that he was now more alive than he had ever been before. His life had been fulfilled rather than ended. But, his new body would not go down into the water. He could not get back to tell his friends the good news. Then he understood that their time would come, when they, too, would know what he now knew. So, he raised his wings and flew off into his joyous new life!


5 thoughts on “Can Reiki help comfort you after the loss of a loved-one?

  1. Fiona

    Sympathies for your loss, Sandra. Wonderful post on supporting your father through his last journey – I did something similar with my mother through the last 4 years of her life and with my uncle who also died recently. It’s true that being present in that most intimate of moments is a great gift both for you and for your loved one. Thanks for posting – it’s inspiring.

    Anyway, I’ve added this post to my top ten Reiki blog posts this month – hopefully a lot more people will find it inspirational also.

  2. zoov

    love the dragon fly story. I shared it to a family who lost a loved on last week. it was beatiful.. thank you


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