Energy Shift!

The Energy Shift!

We are transitioning into an energy shift.   This shift is creating an immense openness to energy healing and acceptance of our inner spirit.  This is the beginning to a wonderful journey for us all!

Do you suffer from Stress, Anxiety, Pain, Cancer, or any other illnesses?  In my journey with Chronic pain I have experienced the true healing ability of Reiki.  It  is a powerful energy modality that you too can experience, learn, and practice.  Whether it is in interest to treat yourself, others or a lifestyle of purity and zen, Reiki is a practice for everyone.

Stress is a contributing factor to illness, when left untreated stress can manifest into disease.  It could be in your best interest to seek out energy modalities such as Reiki,  Black Pearl and  Meditation to aid this manifestation.  However, Reiki treatment can also help healthy individuals and contribute to leading a healthy lifestyle.

As a Reiki Master I am so pleased to be able to teach these techniques and also use them in my clinic to treat people.  My life has changed because of Meditation and Reiki, so can yours.

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