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What is a Postpartum & Infant Care Doula?

The word “doula” comes from the ancient Greek language and refers to a female servant.

Postpartum refers to after the birth, a Postpartum Doula supports much more than just  Postpartum Depression.

The journey of birth and becoming parents is an incredible experience! This journey is filled with emotion, uncertainty, creativity, compassion and awareness. The Birth journey begins from conception until birth.  For 9 months you are growing another human being inside of you.  You read, go on the web, receive lots of advice from friends and family members.  Remember your birthing experience is unlike anyone else’s, it is unique to you! Then it happens your baby is born! Now what do you do?

The support of a Postpartum & Infant care Doula can be very helpful!  A Postpartum Doula brings experience, compassion, and emotional support to parents and their newborns. The doula’s primary focus is on the new parent’s recovery from birth and the newborns adjustment to their new environment. The Postpartum doula is well versed in your emotional and physical recovery from birth, sleep guidance, infant feeding, bathing, soothing, and general coping skills. The Postpartum doula enable and empower new parents and help build their confidence. They hold space for very heavy, new emotions, while validating and affirming the not-so-joyous feelings. The doula ensures that parents have a judgement-free environment to make choices and help implement those choices as an extension of your parenting philosophies.

During this time of Covid-19 I am offering my Postpartum services over Zoom or FaceTime.

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