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Stress is the leading factor in disease. Over 75% – 95%  of Doctors visits are due to stress.

If we ignore stress and allow stress to take over our being disease will manifest.

What is stress?

Dictionary definition of stress:

Physiology. A specific response by the body to a stimulus, as fear or pain, that disturbs or interferes with the normal physiological equilibrium of an organism.

Physical, mental, or emotional strain or tension:


If you put physical stress on a piece of wood the result will be: It will break.

If we inflict emotional stress on our bodies we will break.

Take care and prevent stress.

How do you prevent stress?



Hot Stone Massage


Learn how to meditate.

Mindfulness Meditation Training helps to:

Reduces stress

Improves sleep patterns

Promotes healthier eating habits

Develops happier relationships

Improves personal growth

Mindfulness meditation enables us to become aware of our habits of thinking and reacting and eventually to be able to make wholesome changes towards a less stressful life.

Mindfulness practice is taught by means of guided meditation, exercises, silent meditation periods, and discussion.


Mindfulness practice has proven to be useful in counseling, education, therapy, and the creative arts. Countless people have used it successfully to lead happier and more productive lives, to improve the quality of their relationships, and to deal with the stresses of modern living. The practice of moment-to-moment awareness, attention to ordinary tasks, everyday events is conducive to transformation and healing oneself.



Your physical body is alive because of the ‘life force energy’ that is flowing through it. If your life force is low or blocked, you are more likely to become ill, but if it is high and free flowing, you can more easily maintain health and a feeling of well being.

One thing that disrupts and weakens the flow of life force energy is stress. Stress is often caused by conflicting thoughts and feelings of fear, worry, doubt, anger, and anxiety that become lodged in one’s subtle energy system. Medical research has determined that continual stress can block the body’s natural ability to repair, regenerate and protect itself.

Reiki can help you relieve that stress!

The American Institute of Stress estimates that 75%-95% of all visits to doctors are due to the reaction of stress. The effects of unreleased stress range from minor aches to major health concerns, such as heart disease, digestive disorders, respiratory and skin problems.

Regular Reiki treatments can help reduce stress or help to remove it completely by boosting your immune system to an optimum healthy state and balancing your ‘life force energy’.


Hot Stone Relaxation Therapy

Hot Stone Relaxation Therapy involves the use of heated basalt stones that melt away tension and stress 
from your body. This massage is approx. 1 hour and 20 minutes. For some people hot stone massage
 can bring harmony, pain release and alignment in the Body, Mind, and Spirit.

Benefits of a Hot Stone Massage:

Helps to alleviate stress

Increases circulation

Aids elimination

Increases joint mobility

Sedating, deep relaxation, meditative

Warm stones on the face release sinus pressure and pain

Restores equilibrium to the Body, and Mind



 Reflexology is a natural, non-invasive healing art based on the principle that there are reflexes in the feet, that correspond to every body part. There is virtually a mini map of the body on the feet. The toes represent the head,the ball of the foot is the chest,the soft part of the foot is the internal organs and the heel of the foot is the pelvic area.

By working the reflexes using specific pressure techniques, Reflexology helps promote natural functioning of the body system and allows it to heal itself. Reflexology relieves stress and tension, improves circulation and helps balance the physical, mental and emotional aspects of the whole person.


What is Reiki? How can it help me?

What is Reiki?

Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy. If our life force is low or blocked, we are more likely to become ill, but if it is high and free flowing,we more easily maintain good health and a feeling of well being.

What are the benefits to Reiki Training?

Reiki is one of the Energy Modalities that you can use on yourself. After you complete your Reiki Level 1 Training you are able to self treat! If you suffer from chronic pain, headaches,or stress, you can help relieve these symptoms by treating yourself with Reiki.

I teach an intense 4 day training program for Reiki.  You receive a Certificate at the end of the program and become eligible to become a member of the Canadian Reiki Association. You will receive 4 attunements during the training and  you will receive a handbook and lots of practice for self treatment and treatment on others.

Regular Reiki Treatments can help reduce stress or help remove it completely. Boosting your immune system to an optimum healthy state and balancing your “Life Force Energy.”


Mindfulness Meditation Can Change Your Life

Do you find yourself focused on the past or the future; perhaps you are not enjoying life’s simplest pleasures?  Are you stressing about situations that have yet to occur?  Overanalyzing situations in your mind?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, your mind is likely filled with clutter.  But the question remains, where does this clutter originate?  Take a deep breath; recognizing these matters is a great place to start.  Mindfulness Meditation is a tactic used to help guide you through the development of eliminating this clutter.  This technique can help you to reduce your stress, improve sleep patterns, promote healthier eating habits, develop happier relationships, and improve personal growth.  This practice has the ability to positively change your life.


I asked my daughter (fourth year university student at UBC) to explain how mindfulness resonates with her; she described to me this; “when I think of mindfulness, I think of thoughtful awareness.  I believe anyone can be mindful, however, in most cases it resonates from the development of our values.  Mindfulness allows us to live in the moment, avoiding dwelling on the past, or focusing too much on the future.  I find this notion to be something that most of society takes advantage of.  It is human nature to think in different tenses; but it’s interesting to further investigate how we tend to focus on the future or the past.  Reflecting on my week I noticed myself focusing on frustrations from projects or time management leading up to today.  I also find myself planning for the future to compensate for focusing on the frustrations of the past to get more work done.  Unfortunately what is lacking here is the ability to focus on the present, the task at hand.  What I need to focus on is not either of these things.  What I have realized is how these tenses work as distractions from the present.  Instead of getting everything organized and doing it, I find myself drifting in thought with regard to what I have to do and why I didn’t prepare myself for a previous lecture.  I also find myself excited about an upcoming event, which I build up in my mind; usually once the event arrives I get so caught up in remembering things I need to accomplish next, the moment moves by at a high speed.  This is something I am working towards improving; I am working on directing my energy towards being more mindful of living in the moment.”


The notion of living in the moment has become an essential aspect of our being.  Mindfulness Meditation fosters this ability allowing us to be aware of our surroundings, and acquiring an appreciation for the present.  Further, this concept facilitates recognizing these moments to fully enjoy what is actually taking place.  Sometimes, it is the little things in life that work as kind reminders to achieve eternal happiness.  It is often we let these moments slip by, without even noticing.  Mindful Meditation is a kind reminder to value these special moments to capitalize ones ability to maintain happiness.

Mindfulness Meditation enables us to become aware of our habits of thinking and reacting, eventually leading individuals to constructing wholesome changes towards a less stressful life.

Congratulations to my first 2012 Reiki Level 1 Graduating Class

Congratulations to my first Reiki Level 1 graduating class! Today as I reflect over the last four days that I spent with my students, I realize why I wanted to become a Reiki Master and that is to TEACH. I enjoyed these last four days that were filled with lots of inspiration, history of Reiki, and practice time. To see the progression of the levels of energy that were exchanged is truly incredible. My students receive 4 attunements to the Reiki energy during our time together. I incorporate Meditation into the Reiki training to help enhance the energy levels. These students grew spiritually and energetically and have taken their first steps to an incredible journey. Thank you to my students, and future students!

Announcing the Opening of the Reiki Training Centre

Happy New Year!  I am very pleased to announce the opening of my treatment and training center, The Healing Place. The location of The Healing Place Training Centre is in my home located in Oakville, Ontario.


In December 2011, I graduated as a Reiki Master.  I am excited to embark on my next journey as a Master and assist in the teaching and healing of others.


I will be teaching a Reiki Level 1 course January 15  – January 18, 2012.  I will be teaching a Mindfulness Meditation 10 week program offered Saturday Mornings or Tuesday evenings starting January 24th.  Please visit my Website for further details and exact times.  If you are interested in training and receiving your Level 1 Reiki, participating in the Mindfulness Meditation program, booking a Reiki Treatment or know someone that may be interested, please pass on my contact information or direct them to my website.


“A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”. –Lao Tzu


Reiki is not just for those who are ill, it is also available for restoring vital energy for maintaining positive wellness and is known to help in preventing disorders.