Axitonal Alignment

Axiatonal Alignment

photo hand holding flowerThis ancient healing modality works on opening blocked or damaged primary and secondary Chakras through the meridian system. Helping to release emotional blocks. This technique uses all of the Acupressure and Shiatsu points and meridians. This treatment gives you a sense of balance and harmony.

Through understanding meridians and their relationship to the placement of all the organs, glands and nerves in the body, beginning and ending meridian points, and the ascending and descending energy flow patterns, you begin to see how Axiatonal Alignment integrates the whole body bringing it into balance and harmony. Each step of this three stage procedure, first aligns the body’s energy vertically, horizontally, and then finally in the last step sewing it all together, before finally giving it the delicate gift of golden light energy from the creator, into the crown Chakra, travelling through the body and reconnecting you with Mother Earth.

What some clients experience with this treatment is a deep profound relaxation, a sense of total peace within the body, a “weightlessness” as if all the weight of the world has been lifted from their shoulders, balancing of the male and female sides of the body, feeling more focused, being highly motivated, their concentration levels improve, their dreams are clearer and more vivid.

As you become open to the free flow of energy, you will release all cellular memories that you fear. This may result in memory flashbacks, so you can look at these moments from a different prospective. You may see that your judgment of these moments came from a distorted prospective and by looking at these experiences in a new light you can let go of what may be a distorted judgment. When this happens a healing takes place at the root of the cause.

This three-stage treatment, each treatment is given approximately one month apart. Axiatonal Alignment can be used alone or combined with Reiki bringing healing to a deeper more powerful level and gives you a feeling of connecting to your higher-self. It changes the lives of all that experience it.