Children’s Services

For Children


happy childrenChildren can benefit from the services I offer to adults. The benefits are the same; the only difference in children’s treatments is the session duration.

I am particularly proud that I have been able to help children suffering from ADD and ADHD. Their parents have reported that:

  • their coping skills improved
  • they are much more attentive at school
  • they are better able to focus on tasks and studying
  • Reiki has helped heal ear infections

Reiki Training

Children are naturals for learning Reiki. They really enjoy it. I’m looking forward to offering Reiki camps for children during the summer and spring break times.

Once children have Reiki, they have it for life – it can be very effective to help them cope with challenges either academically or socially.


Meditation can also help your children remain grounded and focussed. It’s never too early for them to learn meditation techniques.