I am a Certified Childbirth Educator and a Certified Elite Postpartum Child Care Doula, and a Certified Labour Doula.  I have completed my Childbirth Education, Postpartum, Birth and Labor Doula programs with Prodoula International. I am currently completing my Fertility Support Practitioner Certificate with Doula Canada. I am a member of the Association of Ontario Doulas.

I offer a complete support system for you from Infertility to Pregnancy to Birth!

So, what is this Doula thing that so many pregnant women speak of? The word ‘doula’ — pronounced ‘doo-la’ — is a Greek word meaning ‘ caregiver’. More recently, it refers to someone who offers emotional and physical support to a woman and her partner before, during and after childbirth. A doula believes in ‘mothering the mother’. She enables a woman and her partner to have the most satisfying birth experience possible, from pregnancy and into motherhood. This type of support allows the whole family to relax and enjoy the experience too.
A doula helps the mother-to-be to achieve the birth she hopes for, no matter if it’s a birth with or without drugs, or a c-section. The Doula uses relaxation techniques: Breathing, Meditation, and Visualization. This makes a doula a valuable addition to the birth team. Should a birth become complicated and require medical assistance,  the Doula will still remain by your side and help in any way they can. Many women consider doulas to be an absolute must, especially for those giving birth in a hospital.


Fertility Support :

The journey of birth and becoming parents is an incredible experience! This journey is filled with emotion, uncertainty, creativity, compassion and awareness. The birth journey begins from conception until birth. Sometimes conception can be challenging and unpredictable. Discovering tools to help you cope with this journey to conceive naturally are provided at “The Healing Place in Oakville”. During COVID all of these services are available to you on line.

I offer guidance through your journey of conception, beginning to try to conceive, navigating difficulties, and including support through medical interventions and alternative options. Learn how to interpret your own hormonal cycles and chart this information for a better understanding of your journey.

Stress is a major component for many struggling with infertility, stress from family members, loved ones, work colleagues and oneself. I will incorporate Relaxation and Meditation into many of the Fertility support programs. I encourage your partner to take part in the program you choose. There are many options on what this support looks like. Listed below are some samples of the different programs, please remember they can be designed specific for your needs, desires and budget.

I offer a program for couples that are not quite ready to start their family and are interested in a natural way of birth control. This program will educate and prepare you for when you are ready to embark on parenthood while in the meantime this is a preventative natural method.

Initial Assessment: Intake visit $100.00 (This amount will be deducted from Fertility support or Birth Control sessions listed below).

Cycle Charting for Infertility: 2 Months of charting, ongoing email support, 4 Relaxation Meditation sessions $350.00 $75.00 per month for additional support

Birth Control Education: 2 Months of charting, on going email support for 2 months $250.00 on going monthly support $75.00 per month

Preconception Education and Support: 3 sessions how to prepare physically and emotionally with education, support and guidance. Charting and Relaxation Meditation is included $450.00

Trying to Conceive Support: 4 sessions, 2 months of support includes preconception education, ovulation information. Reproductive assistance information, Relaxation and Meditation and on going email support $600.00


Couples opportunity to learn about what to expect from Labor to Delivery and care for your newborn.

Taught on line Zoom or FaceTime

Cost: $250.00 per couple

Three 2 hour hour classes

Time and dates are scheduled to suit the couple’s schedule.

There’s a wealth of information to help you maintain a healthy pregnancy, but the act of childbirth itself can seem a bit mysterious to many first-time moms-to-be,  even if you’ve read up on all the details. That’s where a childbirth education class comes in. Taking one gives you hands-on practice and knowledge about the entire birth process. In turn, knowing what to expect from that first contraction to that final push will go a long way toward reducing your anxiety and preparing you for the incredible journey you’re about to go through.

What you’ll learn in a childbirth class:

  • Techniques to relax, to achieve pain relief reduction
  • Various labor positions that can help your baby line up with your pelvis and speed your labor and relieve pain
  • Pain relief options, including how and when and how to request them should you decide you need them
  • The stages of a normal labor and delivery
  • Possible delivery complications and how they might be handled
  • Basics care for  your newborn baby, including your baby’s anatomy and physiology, postpartum care, basic care and breastfeeding
  • Birth planning and assistance, including birth plans and information about where you can give birth (hospital births versus delivering in a birthing center or at home)
  • Other medical interventions that may be used, such as a C-section or induction
  • Hands-on instruction in alternative approaches to pain relief, including breathing and relaxation techniques

Other benefits of childbirth classes:

In addition to hands-on learning opportunities, benefits include:

  • A chance for your partner to join in — and a way to connect with your birthing partner or labor coach
  • Addressing your fears
  • Sharing your concerns with the instructor
  • Confidence from knowledge and experience that can help you to have a more satisfying childbirth experience

Classes for second-timers:

Even if it’s not your first pregnancy, you may want to consider taking a class. Every labor and delivery is different, so even seasoned pros can benefit from a refresher course.

Birth Doula Package: 

Cost: starting at  $1000.00  depending on package ( cost is based on services you choose and are customized to your budget)   

*Prenatal Restorative Yoga classes 
*Reiki Sessions 
*Guided Meditation
*Birth Plan Prenatal with Partner.
* Labor Support at home and Hospital: Including Meditation, relaxation and massage techniques.
*Post Birth Visit 1 hour.

The Complete Birth Experience $1000

Designed to meet all your essential birth support needs whether it’s your first, second, or 10th birth. Childbirth Education Classes are included and recommended for first-time parents, or those looking for a different birth experience from previous birth(s).

This Plan Includes:

  • An Introductory Consultation
  • 1 Prenatal Visit on Zoom
  • Childbirth Education Classes (4) on Zoom
  • Labour/Birth Support at the Hospital until birth
  • 24/7 On-Call Starting two weeks before and one week after your estimated due date.
  • Immediate Postpartum Support on Zoom, Phone, Text, or Email.
  • 2 Postpartum Check-Ins on Zoom  
  • Phone/Text Support for 2 Weeks Post Birth 
  • Community Resource Recommendations

The Ultimate Birth Experience $1600

This labour and postpartum support package appeals to both first-time parents and those who may desire a different experience from their last birth. Some people would simply like a little extra support pre and post birth.

​This Plan Includes:

  • An Introductory Consultation on Zoom
  • 1 Prenatal Visit on Zoom
  • Childbirth Education Classes (4)
  • Breathing and Relaxation Sessions once a week after week 4 of the Childbirth Education Classes
  • 2 Reiki Sessions
  • Once every 2 weeks Restorative Yoga Class on Zoom
  • Labour Support on Zoom
  • Labor/Birth support at the Hospital until birth
  • 24/7 On-Call Starting two weeks before and one week after your estimated due date.
  • Immediate Postpartum Support on Zoom, Phone, Text, or Email.
  • 2 Postpartum Check-Ins on Zoom
  • 1 Postpartum Home Visit
  • Phone/Text Support for 2 Weeks Post Birth
  • Community Resource Recommendations

Postpartum Package:

Cost starting $400.00  (Other packages are available and can be customized to your lifestyle and budget).

*Support Post Delivery 
*Relaxation techniques for Mother and Baby.
*Help with baby while mother rests.
*Providing non-judgemental support for new parents.

Postpartum Care $800

This package appeals to both the new and experienced parents who desire day-time postpartum support.

​This Plan Includes –

  • An Introductory Consultation
  • 20 day-time hours of Postpartum Support (min 4-hour shifts)
  • Phone/Text Support for duration of Contract Agreement
  • Community Resource Recommendations


This class is designed for grandparents to review what your help looks like for your new grand baby. Learn sleep techniques, do’s and don’ts to assist the new parents. Your new role and what it looks like. 1 1/2 hours. $100.00

If you know of anyone that is expecting and would benefit from having a Birth Doula please let me know, or pass my info onto them.


Cost: $350 per person in group session. $600 for individual one-on-one sessions

This is a 10 week program.  We will meet once a week on Zoom for discussion, support and Meditation for 1 hour (flexible with your schedule).  

The average age of Menopause is 51, Peri Menopause can begin anywhere from 8 to 10 years before Menopause. PreMenopause can start in your 30’s.

If you are feeling any symptoms of Pre Menopause, Peri Menopause, or are in Menopause between the age of 35 – 60 and have any of the following symptoms:

Irregular Cycles
Mood Swings
Memory problems
No Period 
No Period due to surgery
Joint Pain
Hot Flashes
Night Sweats
Vaginal Dryness
Lack of Sexual Desire
Urinary incontinence
Urinary Tract Infections
Feeling unsettled and anxious

A Menopause Practitioner provides non-medical, physical and emotional support as well as informational assistance to clients experiencing Pre Menopause, Peri Menopausal, Menopausal symptoms, Post Menopausal symptoms, pre or post Hysterectomy related experiences, or those experiencing changes in midlife as it relates to hormones, health, and well-being.

I will work with you on an individual basis, in order to find out what your needs are and what ways I can best provide physical, emotional and informational support and ensure your well-being is supported.

Physical Support
-Offer suggestions for comfort that will assist with a variety of experiences related to loss of menstruation, irregular cycles, hormone changes, and physical or mental adjustments related to Pre menopause, Peri menopause, Menopause.
– Provide information on nutrition, sleep, intimacy, physical change, and options for medical or alternative therapies.
– Help you to avoid certain preventable conditions, such as exhaustion, fatigue, emotional discomfort, and other non-medically diagnosed experiences.

Emotional Support
-Relaxation techniques and Meditation will be offered weekly.

Informational Support
– Provide guidelines on charting, sleep, physical change, intimacy, mood, well-being practices, nutrition, safe exercise, and warning signs.

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