Thank you for the reading, I found it very insightful and it really resonated with me. The cards were beautiful and it really felt like the message you shared was what I needed to hear. It was affirming.
I really enjoyed the reading and would love to do it again!
Thank you

 Thank you Sandra for doing an Angel Cards reading for me. Though each card had its own message, your intuition was able to apply their message to my situation, creating a personalized experience. I felt hopeful and protected as I walked away from our session, with a sense of guidance going forward. Thank you again for your gentle kindness and providing me with this valuable experience. – K S
Thank you for the amazing angel card reading. You were very detailed and much of what you said rang true for me concerning the question I posed. Your sensitivity, energy level and acute intuition made it all the more powerful.
I really appreciate you sending the cards drawn, which I will study more thoroughly along with my notes from our discussion. I will also pass on your valuable insights to those most affected by your excellent reading.
Wonderful to connect with you again and see that beautiful smile!
With thoughts of loving kindness,
Thank you for your reading. It answered my question so well and was really helpful. You are the second person to tell me (someone else did in an indirect way) that I could have intuitive/psychic abilities! The wheels are turning about my book although I am still grappling with a general lack of time right now to actually write. I will keep you posted on that one.
 You lifted my spirits so much yesterday !
Each card you extracted from your deck had direct meaning to my life. It was validation of where I am and where I am heading. Our time together was happy and promising.
You gave me the tools to go forward in peace and creativity.
I felt like I had a counseling session with someone who is so intuitive that you knew the problems and found the solutions by way of the readings.
Truly remarkable.   M L

Maggie and I really enjoyed the meditation last night. Maggie said she felt so relaxed and so did I. It was lovely having her stay overnight after so long, up to now we have just been seeing our grandchildren  in the backyard for birthdays and graduations, so like you said last night hopefully we are almost there, and things will start to get back to normal. Your hair looks  lovely, did we ever think the day would come when we felt so excited about going to the hairdresser ? I have my appointment on the 14th July, its been over a year since I had my hair done, thank God my hair is curly so it doesn’t look too bad. Thanks again Sandra. Enjoy your little grandchildren, they grow up so fast. Mary.

Thank you so much for teaching me about the 12 chakras on Zoom today.It was so interesting and I really enjoyed the one on one class and learned so much. It was nice that I could ask questions and have them answered during the class. The meditation at the end was just wonderful, I felt so relaxed. I would recommend this class, as I feel  there is so much more to learn about the Chakras. Thank you also for the meditation classes you do, I always look forward to them. You are really helping us get through this stressful time of Covid 19 and it is much appreciated.  Thank you again. Mary.


Just wanted to say thank you for the distance reiki you sent to my granddad. He normally has a rough couple days after his treatment but in Friday he felt amazing and I was actually able to see him today! So thank you so much it, i really appreciate it!


I hope you’re doing well. I just wanted to say thank you for all of the time and advice you gave us in preparation for Benjamin’s arrival! We both learned a lot from our sessions with you and it has all been really helpful.
All the best,
Sarah and Anthony

6 week Meditation Course

“Just thought I¹d send you a note and let you know that I continue to see benefits from attending your Meditation/ Mindfulness course. I had modest objectives in taking your courseŠ mostly to reduce stress. I¹ve achieved this, but I¹ve also acquired a substantially improved ability to focus and am achieving more on a daily basis. I find that I have increased abilities in creative work, but also in doing the mundane day-to-day stuff that needs to get handled. Many thanks.” ~Jim M.


“Spending an hour having a Reiki treatment with Sandra is like being in a little warm cocoon – you emerge after your session feeling completely refreshed and reborn. It’s a great experience. Thank you Sandra” – Julia W.

“I have always immensely enjoyed and benefited from Sandra’s Reiki treatments. She always goes above and beyond expectations and is obviously commited to her practise. Her energy and participation is very positive and caring and comes through in every session. Sandra is very knowledgeable in the field of energy and spirituality which I also am interested in and she shares her knowledge and advice with enthusiasm”. – Brenda

“I want to thank you for a wonderful experience yesterday………..I have MINIMAL back pain today………. but you just may have convinced me of the need for further Reiki treatments!! Thank you for being so kind to me and I hope to see you again soon. Best, Nancy”

“Thank you for the wonderful Reiki session, thanks very much!” – Bernadette

Black Pearl Treatment

“Hi Sandra, just wanted to tell you I’m feeling REALLY a lot better today…..still feeling ‘lighter’, more energy, and far less allergy symptoms. That was a wonderful treatment and will definitely have another. Today is muggy too, a day I usually feel ‘worse’. Thanks!” – B.C.